Regulation of "Multiclub"
al information required for the examination. The holder is obliged to provide for services, within 14 (fourteen) days required for delivery information.

7.6. If not providing the required information within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date when the Holder received notification from the Operator or the moment when the Holder had to obtain it, the Operator can refuse to accept the application.

7.7. The operator decides on the registration of application or refusal of registration on the grounds provided herein and the agreement for the acquisition of membership in the system MULTICLUB.

8.Terms of payment and settlement procedure.

8.1. Formation of the total value of tourism product and the size of the administrative charges shall be in accordance with Enclosure № 1 " Unified tariff net " to this Schedule and subject to the rules, the claimed Partners of Operator - Resort.

8.2. The Operator, in accordance with applicable tariffs on services, takes into account information about payments of Holder, and also services consumed by Holder, on the personal account of agreement of Holder. The monetary resources transferred by Holder are considered included on the personal account of his agreement since monetary resources acted on the clearing account of Operator, and on condition of receipt by Operator from the bank of confirmative pay documents, identifying the payment.

8.2.1. Access to information of the personal account of Holder agreement provided in accordance with the provisions of the agreement on acquisition of membership in the system MULTICLUB and select (s) in it a method (s) by Holder.

8.3. When you register as Holders of pay document in the section «Setting of payment" is obligatory reference to his number of agreement with the Operator.

8.4. Settlements between the Holder and the Operator can be maintained on the verbal (writing) (fixed in the agreement to acquire membership in the system MULTICLUB) agreement between the Parties as a way to cash and non-cash in accordance and pursuant to the provision of existing legislation governing such transactions.

8.5. In order to comprehensive, complete and adequate provision of services, if the Holder wish to use package of purchased services and direction to the Operator's application by the Holder of a lump sum charge an administrative

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