When the Middle East will once again attractive to tourists
The authorities of the Middle East and North Africa are scratching their heads over how to return the tourists who refuse to come to the region after the event, called Arab spring. Experts say that the government must do one simple step. All other actions will make investors and travel agencies.

Management of the MENA region should fulfill their direct duties, so that the tourists are back to the Middle East. Vacationers come back to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Tunisia, after the government provide security guarantees to foreign nationals. However, even political stability does not guarantee the MENA region's resorts tourist attractions advantages over other regions.

The government should create such conditions in their countries, major international investors are once again willing to invest in the development of the tourism industry in the Middle East and North Africa. Courts of Egypt's government with developers regarding the illegal allocation of land is a good example of strategic mistakes that could cost the Egyptian sector of leisure and hospitality.

UAE authorities have set a good example to their neighbors, contributing to the rise in major cities of the country the modern resort complexes of class hi-end. Guide the UAE and Saudi Arabia declared a few years ago large-scale investments in tourism infrastructure. These investments should help diversify the economy of these countries, which is critically dependent on oil prices in world markets.

The construction of new resorts, hotels, roads and airports in itself is a means to stimulate economic growth. Also, new resorts will attract in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which are the most stable countries in the region MENA, vacationers. Maybe after this the authorities of other Arab countries realize that tourism is a profitable and promising investment in the future state?

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