How to save money during a trip to the Olympic Games in London
2012 Olympic Games will be held in London from July 27 to August 12. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the capital of Great Britain in this period. Authorities in London reported a deficit of places in hotels a few months ago, so sports fans can not hope to find a good room at a reasonable price during the Olympics. Moreover, the tourists, who find at least some free hotel can safely consider yourself lucky.

Despite the hype and the lack of a sufficient number of hotels, travelers can save sighted during the trip to London during the Olympic Games. How do I do?

    Give up the idea to stay at the hotel during the trip. Many Britons advertise the rental of rooms in their homes and apartments at specialized sites and social networks. The cost compares favorably with the room price for the hotel room. In addition, many people in London include the cost of renting a room English breakfast. The most daring tourists can not rent a room, and place in a tent in the backyard. Some of the British offer this opportunity to sports fans.

    Time travel to the Olympic Games is to choose consciously. The biggest influx of tourists expected in London during the opening and closing of the Olympic Games, as well as in the days of the final competition of team sports (especially worth bearing in mind the football). Refrain from visiting the British capital these days to save on lodging and meals.

    Stay at any other British city except London to find a hotel at a reasonable price. A few hours by train or rental car - and you're in the midst of the Olympics. Comfortable accommodation and the opportunity to see the provincial England will be your reward for prudence.

Visit the Olympic Games is a great opportunity for summer travel. It will not be overly burdensome to your wallet if you take our recommendations. By the way, and you have already bought tickets to London and back?

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