What not to bring on a plane
The holiday season lasts all year round for those tourists who enjoy the air. Living in cold Norway and Sweden may at any time to be in sunny Brazil or Australia, buying a plane ticket.

Because the prevalence of air travel that can take into the aircraft is up to date. What restrictions exist in most airports in the world?

    Passengers are not allowed to carry on a plane sharp objects such as knives, razors and so on. However, you can put a can opener in the luggage of his pre-packaged to prevent damage to things other passengers.

    Tourists can take into the cabin sports equipment such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs. These items should be handed over to the baggage.

    Individuals have no right to carry on board an aircraft guns. This rule does not apply to military, police and others who carry weapons in connection with business necessity.

    On board the plane can not be taken for construction, and other surgical instruments, such as drills and screwdrivers.

    Passengers can take with accessories designed for the martial arts and self defense. Brass knuckles, batons, nunchaku and other similar items should be handed over to the baggage.

    Flammable items such as fireworks, bottles for refilling lighters, also can not carry on board the aircraft.

    You can take on board only those fluids that you need to survive. These include drugs, breast milk and formula feed.

    Most airlines in the world, there are restrictions on bringing liquids on board aircraft perfumery products, including toilet water, and deodorant. These things are best to take the luggage to avoid unnecessary checks.

These and other restrictions on use air carriers to ensure the safety of passengers. Therefore, they should be taken as a temporary inconvenience, which will end after the completion of the flight.

Enjoy your travels!

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