Tourism exchange housing: what to remember guests and hosts
Tourism Exchange Housing won popularity and acclaim people around the world. One of the factors in the rapid spread of this type of holiday is its low cost compared to traditional travel. Tourists do not spend money on hotel rooms, staying in the homes of private individuals. Instead, they invite the hosts to visit their home at a convenient time.

However, tourists and hosts exchange periodecheski face the challenges of a legislative unsettled rest of the sphere. Host of the risk of incurring losses as a result of unintentional damage to property or theft, as most of the guests and the hosts did not know each other. Visiting people face the risk of unfounded claims by the owners, and with the loss of valuables. How to reduce these risks?

Risks owners

The owners should choose option guest exchange, when they do not leave their homes for the duration of stay, guests. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damage or theft. In addition, they will be able to get to know their guests during their vacation. This allows the owners to know whether or not to accept an invitation to reply.

Every responsible homeowner should have an insurance policy at home or apartment. However, do not forget to inform the insurance company that you are going to leave your house at the disposal of guests. You may have to pay a small amount of the policy, but the insurer will refuse to pay you compensation if your property is damaged.

Risks guests

Staying in a house unfamiliar to you people, do not leave valuables and documents unattended. Carry your bank cards, cash and passport. If you do not want to keep all the money for yourself, use the service to rent a cell in the bank. This service will not be too expensive, because you rent a cell for a short period of time.

Unsubstantiated claims from owners usually occur when guests relax in the home host in the absence of the owners. So avoid this situation. In the end, most of the time you spend sightseeing and visiting places of entertainment, so the owners will not bother you.

Use a reputable network resources to find reliable partners to exchange tourism. This will help you avoid trouble.

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