Club holidays: in the same place, at the same time?
On vacation club people, many went abroad, even now know a little bit, if you do not enjoy this offer (of course, beneficial from all points of view, if it comes from a reputable members of the international exchange.) The fact that the club certificate gives the right to rest for 1-2 weeks only in strictly selected location and at the same time - a great delusion of those who have never used this service. A typical man in the street thinks, "Is the owner of the hotel is beneficial to Treasury apartments idle, if I suddenly can not go?" However, the resort and hotel complex plan their activities based on seasonal and other factors, fluctuations in demand. In that case, and there are so-called floating over.

Considering all possible force majeure in his life, a thoughtful buyer club card is always an interest, is it possible to move the rest for another time. Or change to something new, but in a different location. Clubs always provide this capability, but under certain conditions. It needs to become a personal member of the club, part of the RCI, and strictly follow the rules of participation in the exchange: pay membership dues on time to inform their desire to transfer or exchange the rest of it. If these are not very complex rules, you get not only a guarantee of annual comfortable rest, but his choice, often very attractive and profitable. As for the popular apartment-hotels in the system club rest, the part of the owners booked number of rooms for the exchange - this is a common practice.

Depending on the season (red - high season, white - off season, blue - low season), and on what exchange you prefer - intercontinental or inland - is determined by the apartment and services. Place of rest is important. If there are suggestions you can change one week, for example, in Cyprus, for two weeks in Egypt. May change and quality of living. Unofficial standard of hotel services and operates in this segment. There are only three in the club vacation, "golden crown", international and, in fact, typical. Below the standard level of quality in the club there is no rest. A standard apartment - it is not the same as a regular room, even in a good hotel. Here is everything you need it to live, but not for the night travelers. Plus, this will be a complex of services included in the payment certificate and membership in the club - a personal meeting at the airport by the host, individual excursions, board or half board (optional), and other nice things, for you do not want to pay extra. At his own expense you only get to the place and pay the visa. Do residents of Europe in this respect, of course, more opportunities - free regime and relative proximity resort costs reduced. By the way, the largest percentage of users club holiday celebrated in Britain.

Reservation required level apartment is made in advance. Mark Christmas parties or other pleasant event, to surprise your loved ones, to change the time and place of rest on a more attractive - all this is real, if not miss represent the possible official membership in the international club.

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