Where tourists will travel in the near future
London's World Travel Market exhibition not only summed up the year in the tourism business. Experts and representatives of leading companies predicted direction in which to move new tourist flows. Good prospect, according to experts, in the Asian and African countries: South Korea, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Nigeria. The top ten destinations will also include Chile. These countries in the near future will press popular in the past and this year, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Argentina, and Mexico.

The reasons for updates tourist flows - to increase the interest of tourists to the country where the service level is far from the level of developed countries. Interest is due to, for example, an unusual presentation of the country in social networks (as happened with South Korea), the development of the film industry (Nigeria). Improving the resort infrastructure to attract tourists to Chile. It may be added that a worsening crime rate structures on the usual resorts (eg Egypt) also contributes to the reorientation of tourist flows in new directions.

Enough popular destinations remain in the future, Singapore and Thailand: the first is attractive to buyers good products (their collection, most tourists from China), the second - for fans of inexpensive vacation. However, some experts are in no hurry to talk about in the popularity of already developed areas. According to them, will vary the ratio of tourists from different countries, but the volume on familiar subjects, not change. New directions only extend the list of popular places, as the number of tourists every year is growing quite rapidly.

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