Spa Resorts: With pleasure
Winter time is perfect for relaxing with a view to healing. It takes at least a week, if not two. Fans club rest in winter willingly go to resorts where service spa therapy and thalasso therapy. The best spa resorts are located in different parts of the world, so the trip will also accompany the study of national color.

One of the most famous spa complexes are terms of Bath in the UK. Here annually in the high season, and at other times, come here to mineral water. Someone traveling with family or friends to the north of Thailand (resort San Kamphaeng Hot Springs), to enjoy a dip in the hot springs. Kaliforniysiky Resort Sycamore Resort is located in the recreational area. You can improve your health in a natural source. Iceland Blue Lagoon - a perfect place for those wishing to improve their health, surrounded by stunning scenery. Hot springs in Iceland are rich in minerals. Lovers relax and complex medical procedures under the open sky is recommended to go to the hot springs in Ischia (Italy). Excellent spa treatments (thermal water, mud baths, massages, and many cosmetic services) will please resorts Gellert Baths in Hungary and Istarske Toplice in Croatia. The most popular tourist destination in Costa Rica is a spa resort Arenal Vista Lodge, where there are hot springs of volcanic origin. Aldemar Royal Olympian Spa & Thalasso in Greece - a beautiful resort, one of the best in Europe for a spa and thalasso therapy. After treatments can go on a sandy beach or do yoga in one of the gardens, located near the coast.

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