Choose the most reliable and safe carriers
Most often, tourists from around the world travel by aircraft. Security - this is what determines the quality of service of each airline. How to choose a carrier, so as not to worry about the safety of your life? One way - to study reliability ratings of aircraft carriers.

Swiss rating agency recently published a fresh list ATRA most reliable airlines. Among 92 major organizations involved in air travel, the next 10 were considered the most reliable. These include recognized leaders-aviagiganty - British Airways, Lufthansa, US Airways, and United-Continental Holdings, Southwest Airlines, Qantas, Air Canada, AMR Corporation, Air France-KLM, Delta Airlines.

The basis of the ranking includes 15 criteria, for example, the profitability of the company, the employment rate places, the team of pilots, the number of aircraft is characterized by an increased risk.

It should be noted that of the total number of carriers, which were evaluated for the ranking, only 44% of companies met most of the criteria.

The representative of the rating agency said that the evaluation of this or that company, based only on the number of accidents, it is irrational, because on every flight affects a specific set of technical, organizational and human factors that make up the company's reputation as a reliable and safe carrier. Therefore, the rating of ATRA many mismatches with similar estimates of German Office JACDEC, which takes into account only the number of accidents. Thus, according to German researchers, the most reliable - Finnair (Finland), the Portuguese TAP Portugal (Portugal), Airberlin (Germany). No luck British Airways, which won only 20 of the 60 position, the fault of the accident in 1976. Followed by Lufthansa, through an accident in 1993.

Naturally, one can not give absolute priority to any one rating, but we can not accept the fact that security depends on a set of conditions which airlines must follow unquestioningly.

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