Sri Lanka and the Philippines will lead the winter season
Winter holidays in Asia - a natural choice of those who want to extend the beach season, treat yourself to a not too scorching sun, swim in progrevshemsya this time off the coast of the ocean. Despite observed in the September-October cases of hemorrhagic fever, Sri Lanka is ready to accept any number of tourists. Enough just to take precautions, and rest will not give trouble. In addition, local, seasonal diseases have already gone into decline, experts say.

This year there was no increase in demand for hot tours, but increased the number of underlying sales and exchanges. Philippines expect a large influx of tourists in the club hotels, both with families and with the companies. In Sri Lanka, while a shortage of club hotels, so the exchanges are made long before the trip to make sure you have a place to stay for the planned period. But here in the last few years has improved the tourist service infrastructure is developing rapidly due to the increasing demand annually. Tourists are not afraid to increase the value of your flight (and many fly with a change), part of the value system helps extinguish club rest on contracts with the major carriers. Certificate holders club general increase service in hotels will not affect the way other travelers. Particularly densely populated hotels at Christmas and the first days of the new year.

The winter season in Sri Lanka and the Philippines has traditionally enjoyed success with the people of China, Russia and the CIS countries, the Germans, the Dutch. British, Italians, Americans go to Sri Lanka and the Philippines are much rarer: a habit of high quality of service makes itself felt. But after a few years the problem will be solved.

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