Company feedback
Date: 12.03.2019
Author: Susan Mruz, Katowice, Poland, mother of three children
I learned about Multiclub accident on the Internet. Then I Inquired about the possibility to acquire a certificate successfully bought it on the secondary market. My husband looked at me with disbelief, but finally calmed down. We can afford expensive purchases. Goa Holidays drew me to the fact that besides the beaches there is a school of Indian medicine and international schools of yoga. The trip exceeded my expectations - my own apartment in a luxury resort! Husband all day diving with an aqualung, and the children were busy with the animator. I visited a wonderful workshop on pranayama. The next year we'll go here again.
Date: 22.12.2018
Author: Sergey, 41, St. Petersburg
I became a client of Multiclub two years ago. I got the opportunity to go to trial trip. The resort on the island of Tenerife, I really liked. The climate is suitable for the residents of the North - there is no heat. A huge number of attractions - volcanoes, pyramids, zoos, beaches! After the tour I bought a full certificate. The second trip to Tenerife liked more than the first. My wife and I already knew clearly what we want. The children were thrilled just to all! The company explained to me that I, as owner of the certificate, can without loss of "change resorts" with other club members. The following year, had already planned to go to Bali - we want the exotic! On the financial side of the issue, buying a certificate, of course, forced to strain the "financial muscle." But I know how to count money - after 7 years of all the investments will pay off. I’m satisfied! I recommend!

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