How safe is flying on airplanes
Most people are happy to fly on airplanes, which allows them to quickly get to the resorts located in different corners of the globe. However, some people are afraid of air travel, trying to use rail or road. However, these people are depriving themselves of mobility, loss of a significant part of the leave due to long journeys. Should I be afraid of air travel, really?

Every day, more than 3 million people on our planet enjoy air. Every two seconds, or takes off in the world makes landing aircraft. Experts say the transport sector, the number of flights will increase over the next 20 years.

According to statistics, flying on an airplane is 22 times safer than traveling by car. Ironically, the increased attention to the massive crash confirms that they are very rare. On the other hand, reports of car accidents in which people die, rarely attract the same attention as the plane crashes.

Recent studies of U.S. National Security Council confirmed that in the last six months in the world as a result of car crashes killed as many people as died in a plane crash in 40 years. Statistics say that air travelers have a chance to die a 800 000. Avtoputeshestvennik has a chance to die for a 6000.

Today, most of the pilots of passenger airliners are not faced with the refusal of at least one aircraft engine in flight in their entire career. It should be noted that airliners have multiple engines, the number of which depends on the model. The aircraft can safely complete the flight, if one of its engines fails.

This confirms the reliability and safety of aircraft. In addition, security forces in most countries are paying increased attention to safety of air travel after the terrorist attacks in the United States in September 2001.

Finally, statistically confirmed that the man is more likely to die from a lightning strike or a bee sting than in a plane crash. Can you give pleasure to visit the remotest corners of the planet after receiving data on the safety of air travel?

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