Company feedback
Date: 22.05.2019
Author: Elena Bloshkevich, Moscow
A trip to Hainan Island I liked very much. My husband bought a certificate on the advice of friends who collaborate with Multiclub five years. We were satisfied with the service at the office level and service of apartments in the resort. Now we are studying the possibility to exchange the certificate in order to visit the new location. I must say that the rest of Multiclub different from ordinary travel company. Here we had our own apartment; we actually came to our own house. Of course, the certificate can not be called cheap. But with careful analysis it was found that a trip to Multiclub is much cheaper than a traditional holiday. We recommend Multiclub to family and friends.
Date: 20.04.2019
Author: Valery Mergasov, Yakutsk
At first reacted to the proposal of Multiсlub, as another way to ease the pockets of miners. In Yakutia come a lot of these dealers. Risked, has agreed on a study tour. Spanish island of Mallorca is a true paradise. I sat for days at sea, learned to scuba diving and riding a kite. To my shame, I had never been to sea. Wife and son enjoyed tours, but I was more attracted to diving. Terms of rest staged us (it to put it mildly, in fact, everything was just super), has acquired the certificate of Multiclub. This year is the third time we go to Majorca. I think after couple of years, try to exchange the certificate to rest somewhere else.
Date: 04.04.2019
Author: Yuri Pockets, Minsk, businessman
I met with a company Multiclub accidentally. My partner of Russia thanked me for the service, gave way to the trip to Montenegro. I've been here before, but with Multiclub the trip was simply fantastic. A separate apartment, a chic resort! My companion was in delight from the night clubs. After the trip I gathered all the available information about the Multiclub. Communicate with friends, asking clients. In the words of the representatives of the company tried not to pay attention - every bird likes its bog praises. Found out the main problem - the need to pay for administrative fees. In general, I'm all arranged. Bought a certificate, has already been in "his" resort on the Costa del Col. Plan each year to be in a new place - I love to travel and see different countries. Easily exchanged resort for the next trip to Israel.

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