Making documents
The operations of buying and selling Club Rest certificates are also real estate transactions and securities. They are fixed with the help of special instruments.

What documents do I need to sell the certificate Multiclub?

• Original certificate - the document is essentially a security. It identifies the key issues - the name of the resort, features suites and season, owner data, etc.

• Proof of payment of management fees - receipts or checks to help establish the status of the certificate.

• Conclusion of the examination and evaluation of certificate - these documents are required for the sale of certificates in the secondary market. In most cases, the buyer focuses on the expert opinion of the value of the certificate, evaluating the potential transaction.

• Passport Endorsant - Power of Attorney for a certificate that is required to conclude most transactions in the secondary market, especially when it comes to complex transactions involving multiple owners.

What the documents get the buyer of certificate?

• Original certificate - check the correctness of filling of data about your property and your personal information.

• Sale and Purchase Agreement - an important legal document that describes the terms of the transaction.

• The contract of service with the management company - this document defines the terms of cooperation between the certificate holder and the management company or the administration of the resort. In some cases, these contracts are replaced with a public offer.

• Details of the resort - this is an important component of a package of documents the owner of a timeshare. It is described in detail the location of the resort, the most convenient ways to get to a place of rest and other useful data.

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