What is a Club holidays?
Timeshare certificate is a thorough purchase for life with the right for sale, inheritance or gift, and possibility to dispose of it must not differ from disposal of the most ordinary real estate. Years of experience in the Timeshare turned certificates into full-weight securities, which differ from each other not consumer qualities, and the nominal value: and than easier to evaluate the certificate, the easier of it to sell, and bequeath, and exchange. The system of ORC (Overrating certificate) enables a kind of unification of the certificate: the inclusion of such a system makes it possible to "decompose" certificate for any modules and reduce its value to a common denominator in any transaction with this certificate.

Imagine a few situations: suppose you purchased a certificate for a family and want to exchange this year rest on its resort to a new location. Than a larger number of people calculated your certificate, the harder it will be exchanged, because in fact for an adequate exchange of need to find a family with the same number of people and with the same demands, which is almost impossible. Just as impossible to find simultaneously four people wishing to go to the same place at the same time. The system of revaluation of the certificate can not evaluate the specific purchased the week, and the market value of the certificate and to carry out an exchange adequately its current value, rather than purchased of apartments.

Imaging this situation: you purchased a certificate for two persons, your plans changed the next year, and you go to rest in the solitude, but year later you collected a large noisy company, how to make that in the first case you would not lose money, and that in the second case to have a comfortable rest, without buying a new membership? If the certificate is estimated within the framework of the system ORC, all these metamorphoses with a certificate will be a benefit for you: in the first case of an exchange, you will be provided by the resort (or season) a higher level than was chosen by you initially, and the second case are spacious apartments for big company in a little less than claimed season or on a new thus far yet not too untwisted resort. Furthermore, ORC system allows you to convert unlimited certificate of urgency (and vice versa), to restore the expired membership and in fact arbitrarily change the status of the certificate. In other words, ORC is a simple way to make you

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