Our ideology
Wonderful vacation for a reasonable price.
Club Holiday have long captured the hearts of Europeans and Americans. Wealthy people and the middle classes of Europe and the U.S. prefer to spend their vacation in their own house or apartment. This does not mean that Europeans spend money for the two houses.

The system the Club Holiday allows  to become the owner of the  resort real estate only for the holidays. Imagine a luxurious apartment in the Mediterranean resort. They are well furnished and equipped with modern kitchen and household appliances.
These apartments are your - there are no maids and porters, noisy neighbors, and the usual bustle of the hotel. Moreover, the certificate of «Multiclub» allows you have your own apartments in more than thirty countries around the world! Club Holiday annually makes it possible to change the venue of the leave without financial loss.

Features of Economics of Club Holiday allow you spend money wisely, with feeling at least the Arab sheikh. You pay for the certificate once and use the services for life. In addition, the client shall be exempt from administrative fees, if he decided   to not to visit the resort this year for some reason.
No overpayments and seasonal changes in tariff rates! Having paid once, use forever. A great family vacation at a reasonable price. Club Holiday System with a worldwide reputation  is now in Russia!

Family Health

Health is the main asset of every human being. The health of loved ones has a double value for head of the family, a homemaker, loving parents. The state is implementing a special program aimed at cultivating healthy families and healthy citizens.
Club system can be an effective relaxation method of the program on a national level. Do you think about the conditions in which we live? Aggressive environment, constant stress, poor quality of food. Russian citizens need to rest in resorts with the world's best climate to maintain their health and the health of the family members.

System of Club Holiday «Multiclub» is kind of driving force, which is aimed at improving the individual and to society at large.
Circle of Friends
The system of Club Holiday allows the owner of certificate to rest in more than thirty countries around the world.

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