Our ideology
plans for the future, attracting interesting people, like-minded people with whom you are comfortable and profitable to cooperate.
Certificates of «Multiclub»  allow the member of  Club to become the full owner of the resort real estate. This asset has unique properties - it is stable and generates income even in times of economic downturns.
That's why «Multiclub» certificates are in high demand among people who appreciate the money. Each participant of Club Holiday System can become a partner  of «Multiclub».

Sale of certificates brings a good income. You can sell the certificates without interruption from the main activity. This is especially true for the consultants and staff of travel agencies, for people who interact with customers on duty, or just enough sociable.
Anyone can become a professional seller of certificates . The Company developed a unique system of motivation that will make our agents not just employees, but full owners of their own business.

We invite you to cooperation!

Start your own business and become a part of our community!

Differences from the timeshare

Timeshare and System of Club Holiday «Multiclub»: What is the difference?
They are so numerous that a detailed enumeration would take more than one page.
Here are the main characteristics that allow an idea about the benefits of an international System of Club Holiday «Multiclub».
Classic Timeshare
System of Club Holiday «Multiclub»
Companies offering for certificate holders no more than 10-15 resorts. The offer is often limited. An international company with headquarters in London, England. Subsidiaries in 35 countries. A legal framework, and guaranteed liquidity of products  of  «Multiclub» in the securities market.
It's difficult to sell the "Timeshare" Certificate Certificate of «Multiclub» (at the request of the holder) can be sold  on an

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