What are the benefits of Club holidays?
Travel, investments and the economy - is it possible to merge these concepts? Holders of Multiclub certificates long ago realized it in practice. The unique properties of the club vacation have advantages over the traditional tourism.

• Each holder of Multiclub certificate is able to relax on the best resorts in one of 25 countries. Wide range of types of recreation (beaches, mountain skiing, a "green" tourism, historical sites), time and class of apartments can satisfy any requests.

•Club Rest provides an opportunity to save on travel. Economy of Club Rest is such that after 7-8 years of active use of the certificate the holder can rest for free. Client of traditional travel company pays each year for the rest of the new price, and the holder of Multiclub certificate can fix the price of apartments once and for all.

• Multiclub certificate is a security, as evidenced by the ownership of the resort property. This fact allows the owner to protect his capital during the period of economic instability. Investment in Property is the "hard" asset that is not subject to sharp price fluctuations.

• Reliability and absence of force majeure is no small advantage over traditional tourism. The certificate holder always knows that his apartments are free to the scheduled time. The administration monitors the operation of Multiclub resorts, avoiding overlap and abuse.

• Ability to assess the resort during the "test" trip - clients can qualify for a trip to the certificate FLY BUY. During that visit potential customer evaluates the conditions for recreation, service and infrastructure of resort.

The main advantage of the rest with Multiclub is the feeling, that you've came home. Holiday apartments are owned in full by your designated time. You have to agree, it is very convenient!


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