Regulation of "Multiclub"
The present Schedule regulates the relationship between the Holders of Certificate of MULTICLUB and the Operator-seller, was adopted in order to achieve full and final agreement between the above-mentioned parties, providing of the most complete high-quality and timely delivery to the Holder, based on the spirit of law and in force rules of law and is called to more fully and in detail to establish the rights and obligations of the Holder and the Operator. This Schedule contains the final and full terms of the agreement of the Parties. The Holder and the Operator entering into an agreements, to adopt the positions hereof as fundamental in the regulation of emerging between the rights and responsibilities.

1.Basic terms.

The OPERATOR is a legal entity of "XANTO TRADING LLP" located to address of XANTO TRADING LLP Suite 9, 3rd Floor, 68, South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RL, United Kingdom., which is the owner of "MULTICLUB", organizer of the system.

A HOLDER is a physical or legal entity, which purchased membership in MULTICLUB, is it an effective member, and also owning the certificate of MULTICLUB.

"MULTICLUB" is a product provides a set of rules and conditions, providing a complex of tourism product provides a range of services of the provision of travel documents: airline tickets, train tickets, , tickets on the wheeled passenger transport and more, all of are described in “Schedule of MULTICLUB”. Accommodation in the residence of the holder, supply, transfer, excursions, medical insurance, and other services of the tourist nature.

The Partner of Operator is physical or legal entity, participating in the partner program of Operator in accordance with Agreement about providing of services.

Certificate is a unified form of document that specifies the technical and special conditions of use to «MULTICLUB». The certificate is a document confirming the right to «MULTICLUB», according to the rules of “Schedule of MULTICLUB». The certificate is an integral part of the agreement to acquire membership in the system MULTICLUB.

The register is a central database of Operator, which contains information about the registered Holders, other information including financial ones, necessary for the effective functioning of the system of providing of services to Holder.

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