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Network Multiclub - it's more than 50 resorts in 25 countries. Every tourist can find "his" version of entertainment thanks to a wide offer. Beach vacation, ski slopes, the "green" tourism in the countryside, and travel to the important historical places - all this is Multiclub.

Moreover, each holder of a certificate can operatively change the place of rest. Thanks to the flexible system of exchange within the club, the certificates have instant barter liquidity. The exchange is carried out in several times faster than the global specialized exchange systems (such as RCI). A flexible system of points allows unifying the value of the certificate for the equivalent exchange.

How to get a Multiclub certificate?

• During the initial presentation at the dealer

• Directly from the owner of the certificate

• In the secondary market of certificates through the proxy-company

• At one of the stock exchanges

• During the presentation, after (during) visit to the resort from the certificate FLY BUY

The man who never owned a timeshare certificate, and was not invited to a special presentation, may purchase a certificate through a company-broker. If a client is lucky, the broker will be able to sell him a certificate of a member of the club, which decided to sell his timeshare. However, this rarely happens (usually, if an owner in dire need of money for personal reasons).

Most likely, the broker will offer purchase the certificate through the exchange platform Multiclub Spacebank of Farlega Investment Limited. With access to trading, customer can choose from thousands of certificates that are traded on the exchange. Having made his choice, the buyer makes out a deal with a broker.

Finally, one of the most convenient purchasing options Multiclub certificates is a bargain during a visit to the resort on the system FLY BUY. The client can visit the selected resort and make sure that the conditions for recreation in keeping with his expectations. After that, he comes to the specialized presentations to the merchant, where buys high-grade certificate.

The number of short-term certificates FLY BUY limited due to high demand from traders and ordinary customers. Send a request to perform the test drive of the resort can be in the appro

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