Exchange "Multiclub"
A vacation in the system of Timeshare has advantages and disadvantages. Skeptics called one of the disadvantages of the need for the owner of the certificate every year to spend holidays at the same resort.

In fact, the owner of Certificate can easy to change a place of rest. Certificate holders of Multiclub can do it quickly and without significant additional costs.

Through the introduction of ORC (Overrating Certificate), each Certificate can be evaluated by a special unified system. It is based on assigning a certain number of Certificates of points (points) for the key characteristics of quality rest.

Cost of the Certificate is expressed in points. The owner can quickly exchange your timeshare for another, similar in value. Moreover, the customer can choose a cheaper Certificate, saving scores for the following years. With the extra points he can choose a more expensive Certificate in the future.

The main advantage of exchange in the ORC is able to quickly make a deal without having to look for someone who wants you to change. In addition, ORC allows you to set the objective value of the certificate in points. It is very important to carry out the equivalent exchange.

In addition, each Certificate holder may make an exchange in private. This is useful if you are personally familiar with the person who commits an exchange. Finally, owner can apply to the travel company, specializing in exchange of Certificates (eg, RCI).

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