Question: Why I've never encountered such a system of recreation? Maybe you came to collect money from gullible customers?
Answer: In Europe and the U.S. club holiday has a good reputation. The middle class and affluent people are relaxing mainly through club rest. In Russia, the history of the club vacation was not always serene. The scandals and turmoil of the early 90's almost destroyed the industry in Russia. A decade can be called a lost for the industry of club rest in this country. Today club rest industry returned to Russia because we see a growing demand for quality vacation in the Russia.
Question: Can I return the money spent to purchase a certificate if I do not like the rest?
Answer: You can always sell your certificate in the secondary market. So, you return the money you spent. By the way, the staff of Multiclub Company rarely faced with clients who did not like the condition of rest. Maybe you should just change resort or class of apartment?
Question: Usually we relax at the resort with my wife and children. This year, children pass exams at school, so they will not go on vacation with us. I heard that I can compensate for the fact that we relax in the large apartment together.
Answer: Indeed, thanks to the ORC, you can save this year's scores, which use its discretion in the future. You need to exchange the certificate for the same, which gives the right to rest in the lower area apartments. The next year you will be able to compensate for these scores by selecting the certificate with a higher season or the type of apartment.

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