Name Phone
Big Sky Airlines 800-237-7788
China Airlines 800-227-5118
China Eastern Airlines 800-200-5118
China Southern 888-338-8988
Condor 800-524-6975
Continental Airlines 800-525-0280
Corporate Airlines 800-555-6565
Croatia Airlines 888-426-7628
Czech Airlines(east coast) 800-223-2365
Czech Airlines(west,mw) 800-628-6107
DHL WorldWide Express 800-225-5345
East Coast Flight Services 800-554-0550
Gulf Air 800-433-7300
Pacific Coastal Airlines 800-663-2872
Philippine Airlines 800-435-9725
Ryan International Airlines 800-727-0457
Transavia Airlines 888-244-8922
Trans International Express 800-422-3435
Action Air Lines 800-243-8623
Aer Lingus 800-223-6537
Aeroflot 800-736-4192
Air Afrique 800-456-9192
A. O. M. French Airlines 800-892-9136
Air China 800-982-8802
Air Europa 888-238-7672
Air France 800-237-2747
Air Pacific 800-227-4446
Atlantic Airlines 800-879-0000

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