Winter in Asia: Where to Go?
For those planning a winter vacation in the Asian region, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of climate change in the countries in different months. Not correlating these features with the guests, you can give up on the rest, because no one wants to spend time in the season, such as heavy rains, which just dropped this month.

If you have planned for December holidays in India, the best place to stay is the Indian Ocean, namely - Goa. At this time, the beach season is just under way. Dry weather is usually at this time is in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. Great weather also will be the Philippines and Thailand. Sri Lanka - also a good choice for travelers in terms of climatic conditions, but need to make sure that by the time the local outbreak of diseases has declined, as in the summer and early fall of this year, there have been numerous cases of haemorrhagic fever.

What to choose in January? Most fans of oriental spas go to India and South Vietnam. At this time almost all the resort areas of good weather and warm enough. In Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia to the period for good beach holiday, as well as in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Thailand. You can visit the more exotic countries such as Oman. If you've traveled to Egypt just for a beach holiday or diving, then it is time to make a study tour: with not too hot weather sightseeing tour will be very interesting.

In February, Egypt is cool enough for a beach holiday, the region is not suitable, reasonable only informative tours. In Cambodia, too, is cooler because of the humidity. Continues to please fans of relaxing beach holiday Philippines, Goa, Sri Lanka. At this time you can bring serenity to the beautiful beaches of the Malaysian island of Langkawi.

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