Club rest in holy Mecca
Leisure Club covers all the territory. Recently, Saudi Arabia has opened club house "Zam Zam" (near the Kaaba, where the sacred spring). Pilgrims and tourists will be able to book apartments for temporary use by certificate. Cost of hotel cost investors almost $ 400 million. It is assumed that the most expensive of the week will fall to the Hajj, when pilgrims too much and not enough seats to accommodate. In other segments of seasonal price of apartments will range from 6,800 dollars. Saudi Arabia, thus, opens the "doors" of commercial bids for construction of a hotel complex. So regard this independent experts. There is nothing wrong in the fact that investors will come here, to develop tourist areas in the country.

In such business in a holy place for Muslims, there are supporters and advocates. Not everyone likes steps to commercialization of sacred space, and does not involve himself Hajj of amenities: it conflicts with the Islamic tradition. But taking care of visitors and to draw attention to a sacred spring, too, should not be ignored. Furthermore, the development of tourism segment will bring considerable income country - so the organizers of the grand building. The existence of a balanced attitude to the inner traditions of the country, the Muslim world and open to interested foreign culture of Saudi Arabia will bring new development to the state, they believe. Already, interest from fans of the club lounge with thematic focus is growing. Owners of "Zam Zam" plan that hotel occupancy will be high all year round, not only during the Hajj.

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